Odum Design + co. is a full-service interior design firm based in Orlando FL.

Our goal is to focus on a perfect balance between beauty and function. We serve clients nationwide in a range of services including interior design, interior styling, new builds and renovations.  

Britney McConnell 

owner - creative

Britney McConnell grew up in Central Florida. From an early age Britney felt the urge to follow her creative energies where ever they led. She would entertain her family by hosting art shows in her bedroom to display her early works. She continued exploring her artistic talents through high school and then went on to study art history at the Savannah College of Art and Design. 

Wanting to be closer to family and friends, Britney moved back to Orlando. With opportunity on the horizon, she felt she was ready to reinvent herself and build a life founded on the arts and technical skills she so dearly loved. She was offered an opportunity to work with a rising local design firm and worked her way up to Senior Designer. The time spent there allowed Britney to put her artistic talents to work and also get a feel for the real world of Interior Design and how the business side works.

Britney has now graduated to the next level. It was time for her to expand her horizons and venture off on her own. She conceived her own interior design business and christened it “Odum Interiors”. This is a full service interior design firm focusing on high end residential and commercial projects. Odum Interiors targets the entire greater Orlando metropolitan area and has a few projects in the New Orleans and Denver markets. The company also holds a partnership with a local large format print company and is currently assisting to develop an EID (Environmental Interior Design) department that focuses on high end residential and commercial projects.

Lawrence Odum 

owner - marketing 

Odum Interiors is a full service interior design firm with a wide range of vendors that provides exceptional timely design and construction services for both large and small scale residential and commercial projects. Odum Interiors is a “Client Minded” operation. Ours is a collaborative process. We seek to guide each client through the design process to produce the interior design each client has in mind. We diligently work to link our clients with vendors to source the most beautifully made finishes that will complete each project as imagined by the client.

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"I liked Britney from the very beginning of this whole process. She was never condescending or thought that my hesitation about something was silly. We talked through things, and she worked with me and not against me, which I really appreciated. It wasn't her way or the highway. I am not a very design conscious person and was pretty clueless and she helped out so much. I can't wait to get everything I ordered! I would work with Britney again in heartbeat!" - Karry K. 

"I love that Britney took the time to do a first look that included paint color and details in the room She was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. I love all the pieces...and the final room which really reflects my taste." - Jennifer P. 

"Britney delivered the designs quickly, and she was open to every suggestion I had. Implementing the design was super easy because she made the instructions very easy to follow. I greatly appreciated that the designer I chose went the extra mile to source from Canadian websites so I could save in shipping costs. Highly recommend!" - Aileen

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